Sagittal First Orthodontics

Establishing a foundation for your braces.

Why the Sagittal First Approach?

Here comes the science bit.

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Dr. Edward Angle is known as the “father of orthodontics” because of his exceptional work and how he moved this area of dentistry forward. One such way was how he classified bite issues into three classes: Class 1 being a proper bite, Class 2 an overbite, and Class 3 an underbite.

The relationship between the top and bottom teeth is known as the Sagittal dimension of occlusion (or bite). An orthodontist’s job is to make sure this relationship falls into Class 1.

Here’s how our orthodontist, Dr. Smith, makes this possible at North Attleboro Orthodontics:

  • Establish a Relationship
    We aim to create a Class 1 relationship before we begin your braces treatment. Hence the term “Sagittal First.” This is to ensure the braces work more efficiently and the end result is not only beautiful-looking teeth but also a fully-functioning smile.
  • Motion 3D
    The Carriere® Motion 3D appliance addresses the Sagittal dimension and helps create a proper bite. This appliance gradually uses natural forces to move your bite into position without using uncomfortable headgear or alternative treatments.
  • Finish It Off
    Once the Carriere® appliance has moved the bite into the proper position, Dr. Smith will identify the ideal braces or aligning solution. This may include Invisalign® or our ceramic braces option.

Real Life-Changing Orthodontics

See how this treatment could change your smile.

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Benefits for You

Six reasons why Sagittal First is your first choice.

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Faster Treatment

When the appliance is used before fitting braces, it makes it easier for your teeth to move into the correct position.

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Discreet Care

The modern design makes the appliance hardly noticeable when in your mouth. Although, we do offer color customization for those who want a little flair.

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Speak Naturally

Your speech will not be impaired or affected when wearing the Carriere® Motion 3D appliance.

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Sleek Design

There is no need for invasive headgear or bulky appliances when using the Sagittal First approach.

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Feels Comfortable

The innovative, minimal design makes the appliance comfortable to wear and will not affect your mouth’s daily functions.

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Hygiene Maintenance

This appliance allows you to brush and floss normally, and it’s easy to keep the appliance clean.

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