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Gently aligning your teeth and correcting your bite.

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Why an Orthodontist?

Specializing in straighter teeth.

Millions of Americans suffer from crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, or some aesthetic issue with their smile. On occasion, your family or pediatric dentist may recommend visiting an orthodontist. Why?

Orthodontists are experts in the alignment of the jaw and teeth. This specialized area of dentistry requires 2-3 additional years of dental school due to its complexity and high skill requirement. Our North Attleboro orthodontist, Dr. Ben Smith, has completed this training and has years of experience helping both children and adults improve their smiles.

At North Attleboro Orthodontics, we don’t just offer your standard treatments, but we go the extra mile to provide you with amazing options. Plus, we make sure you or your child enjoy a truly exceptional visit that centers on comfort and fun.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Enjoy discretion, function, and beauty.

Dr. Smith is an Invisalign® Diamond Provider. Due to his vast knowledge and experience, he has been recognized for his work in helping patients successfully use Invisalign®.

For those not familiar, Invisalign® is a discreet teeth aligning system that can be enjoyed by both adults and teens. The system uses a series of clear aligners to gradually move your teeth into their ideal position without using any metal or wires.

Each of the aligners is custom-made to comfortably fit your teeth and is removable for eating, drinking, and daily hygiene routines.

Learn more about this innovative smile solution today!

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Braces That Are Far from Traditional

Dr. Smith only uses the finest materials and orthodontic technology to align your smile.

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3M Unitek™

Unitek™ braces are the crème de la crème of traditional braces solutions. This system uses the highest quality materials, which allows Dr. Smith to accurately place your braces faster and produce out-of-this-world results. In addition, the individually packaged brackets offer better adhesion and a superior look and function.

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Just because your child needs traditional braces doesn’t mean they need a mouth full of metal. Our revolutionary Clarity™ ceramic braces provide all the functions of braces but offer the innovation of a translucent bracket. This means we can carry out treatment more discreetly, and the braces blend in with the color of each smile.

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‘‘Great first experience with braces. The staff and doctor were always friendly. Impressive technology in the office, too. The initial assessment was better than I expected. This was the second orthodontist we went to for a consultation. We not only ended up getting a more accurate treatment plan, but we also saved money as well.’’

- Hannah M.

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Custom Sports Guards

Prevent oral injuries, broken teeth, mouth cuts, and more.

Sports injuries are commonplace, especially with younger children. Therefore, Dr. Smith uses his skillset to offer custom sports mouthguards for patients of all ages. Wearing these products has proven to reduce injury while not affecting performance.

Our custom mouthguards in North Attleboro, MA are more comfortable to wear because each one is made specifically for the wearer’s mouth shape and size. In addition to fitting more comfortably and making it easier to breathe, mouthguards can save you money by preventing costly dental repairs. Protect the smile you love most with our sports guards!

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